Wilderness Dharma Movement


To become a more courageous practitioner, we need to leave our familiar cocoon and dive into unknown territory, both inside and out. The purpose of Wilderness Dharma Movement is to facilitate that journey.

Tibetan Buddhism has traditionally encouraged retreats in wild and solitary places. These environments provide a profound way to deepen and enrich a practitioner’s path.  Leaving our familiar and cozy daily lives—our comfort zone and warm nest of habitual thoughts and actions— evokes challenges and provokes inner demons that often remain hidden beneath distractions.

In fact, in 11th century Tibet, a formal practice developed, where practitioners left home to wander in burial grounds and strong energetic power spots. This practice, known as Chöd, or “cutting through”, provides a powerful means that supports a practitioner to directly engage unwanted experiences, such as discomfort, fear, and dread, with playfulness, compassion, and insight. No matter what demons appear, we welcome them all with a loving attitude, which exposes our open heart with genuine confidence. In essence, the Chöd practitioner cuts through the “haunted dominion of his or her mind” knowing that only through facing our inner obstacles can healing take place. Wilderness Dharma Movement designs programs that bring the wisdom of traditional Buddhist teachings and practices into our modern lives.


Our retreats are led by Anam Thubten and Elizabeth Mattis Namgyel, with the support of long time meditators and retreat practitioners. The retreats provide a setting where participants have a chance to cut through their self attachment, their illusory sense of security and control and expose their open heart.

We invite those with a spirit of adventure to join us and look courageously at their own nature


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